I've Moved...

and I have no internet.

Sitting outside the CU on campus stealing wifi. I've been living in Gwangju for just over a week now, and I have been without internet on my computer the whole time. Didn't think this would be so painful. 

So much has happened since I last posted. I have said many goodbyes and shed many tears. I also sold my soul to the devil joined instagram. (@yvwinter) And why is it that as soon as I sign up for the damn thing they decide on a stupid video upgrade? I can't win with these fools. 

Anywho. I love Gwangju so far. It feels a lot different from Seoul yet very fimiliar. Because of the program I'm doing I have been doing so many cultural activities and we're constantly on the move. I learned how to make kimchi yesterday, I've been in a cable car and I went to a garden expo which thankfully didn't have too many flowers. The universe is on my side. I've also managed to take roughly 500 pictures on my phone and camera. So expect to see a lot of pictures on this and my photo blog as soon as I get internet on my computer. I can't wait to post about all these things.

There are a lot of Americans on this trip and I was super worried because I met some of the worst Americans in Seoul and basically lost hope that I'd find some decent ones. But for the most part, the Americans here are best kind. They're not talking about their love for guns (yes, that happened in Seoul) or showing off to anyone who will give them a second. So I'm very thankful for getting a good group here. There's also a lot of Australians on the trip and wow. These guys are fun. I want to go to Australia now. 

Ok, blogging on a phone is no fun. Hoping to be back soon with a proper post. Follow me on twitter and instagram @yvwinter and I'd say to follow me on tumblr but my queue's run out. Nothing happening over there. ♥

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