Olympus Has Fallen


I went to see this movie on Wednesday with a group of classmates. I had just seen the trailer hours before. I hadn't heard of the movie prior. Part of the problem with living abroad. When I first started watching the trailer I thought "Eww. Who wants to watch a Gerard Butler movie?" haha Really not a fan of him. But then I see Morgan Freeman and Buddy from Batman Begins, and it's looking all actiony. So I think "Ok, I'll watch it anyways. How bad can it be?"

Don't read on if you haven't watched the movie.

I wasn't on team America. Ok, I wasn't on team North Korea either. In reality they're super annoying. But I wasn't going to start crying if the movie had a different outcome. Someone stands up to this giant terrorist nation, and I'm supposed to feel bad for them? haha Nope. But at the same time, I'm thinking, "If this were real, I'd either be in Canada or South Korea when it's all going down." haha a.k.a I'd be dead. So there's that.

I really hated how evil this movie made the North Koreans out to be. I know they're supposed to be the enemy, but then you have Dave Forbes. Used to work for America's secret service or something but then turned "bad" and is working with the N. Koreans. If he's bad then he's bad right? Just like the rest of the N. Koreans. Wrong. They make this guy good in his last moments. They make the white guy look good in his last moments. This man helped the N. Koreans take the damn white house, and they make him a good guy in the end!! Are you fucking kidding me? No. It wouldn't have gone down like that. He was one the other side, and earlier expressed good reason to be. He should have gone out just like everyone else on his side did. He would have gone out the same.

I couldn't help but laugh at one point when they were showing a bunch of newscasts about the situation, and one of them mentioned the joy and celebration in other countries. haha So accurate. One thing Hollywood knows is that a whole lot of countries hate America. And the ones that don't are constantly laughing at the country's stupidity. Good job there. 

This movie was really interesting to watch. It seemed so unrealistic. Attacks like this don't happen on American soil. Or Canadian, British, Australian... blah blah blah. This stuff doesn't happen to the white nations. It really seemed so distant and almost laughable. I don't know how I feel about this. I'm obviously super thankful that I've never had to live through anything like that, but look at the ones who do. And then look at the people who are doing it to them. Part of the reason I wasn't shedding a tear while watching. Indifferent really.

The movie was a little too graphic for my liking. The amount of times I had to cover my face or regret not covering my face... 
ಠ_ಠ And there was a lot of that-would-never-happen moments. But it was entertaining. Morgan Freeman proved himself to be the best leader of America in films. Aaron Eckhart wasn't too convincing, but I didn't mind looking at his beautiful face. And Rick Yune was after my heart in this movie...

Let me love you

If this movie is still playing in theatres in your country, go see it. It'll be worth your money if you like looking at beautiful men and things exploding.

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