Doctor Who: Waiting For 12


Several weeks ago everyone was freaking out cause Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who, and I was really confused cause this was old news to me. Or maybe I can see into the future cause I'm pretty sure it was announced over a month before the most recent internet craziness. (maybe unofficially?) Either way, people were freaking out and making a big deal of it. I, on the other hand, don’t really care. Ok, that’s not true. I'm excited.

Eleven was my introduction to Doctor Who. After years of hearing about the show through commercials, my best friend and tumblr, I finally started to watch the show last November. As soon as I started the show I fell in love. It was different, fun and cheesy. I loved Matt Smith in this role, and I wasn't sure how I'd react to the other Doctors when I started to catch up. But then I got to Matt's second season; The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. What the heck is this bullshit? It was like I was watching a completely different show. Time to do some catching up with the older Doctors…

I went back to Nine. (This is how my best friend went about it too.) When I started watching Eleven, I fell in love with the show. When I started watching Nine, I fell in love with the Doctor. And despite the fact that I can’t stand Rose, this season was amazing. It was even more fun and cheesy. I was going to switch back and forth between Doctors so that I wouldn’t be too behind, but Nine was too good, I couldn’t stop watching. I kind of regret that though, cause I watched it so fast and my heart broke when Nine regenerated. I cried for days. And every time I see Ecclestan’s face or hear his voice now, I start crying. Why did I start watching this show?

As upset as I was that Nine was gone, I was under the impression that Ten would be a great Doctor. Thanks for getting my hopes up tumblr. I started watching Tennant's first season and was less than impressed. So I switched back and forth between him and Smith. For a while I wanted to punch my computer. Ten was being mean to Mickey again. (Nine had warmed up to him by the end so I don’t know why Ten didn't like him.) I still couldn't stand Rose. And Eleven suddenly got really annoying. Like unwatchably annoying. The story line also started to get way out of hand.

I gave up on Eleven for a while, and focused on finishing up with Ten. After watching his second season, I didn't think I could hate Ten more. I was wrong. Season three happened. haha I really don't get why so many people love him. He's so rude, heartless and evil at times. I can't stand him. Bless Donna for getting me through his last season.

Don't read this next bit if you haven't yet reached the end of Tennant's second season...

When The Master died in Ten's arms and Ten started crying, I literally sat there stone faced. Like boohoo, you're all alone. haha So much hate for him. The only time I didn't hate him was in Planet of the Dead. I actually enjoyed him in that one. But then his regeneration happened. What a waste of my time. That was the most dramatic episode of this show that I have ever watched. It was like a final attempt to make people feel sorry for him or care for him in some way. HA!! Nope. That last episode just reconfirmed my hatred for him. 

Ok, can continue now...

Anywho, so I've finished up with Ten now and I'm back to where I started. I'm skimming through Smith's first season. Back to when I thought he was awesome. But now that I'm watching these episodes again, I keep thinking back to what one of my friends said to me recently. He doesn't seem like a Doctor. It's so true!! After watching Nine and Ten, Eleven doesn't seem like a Doctor at all. It's so strange. But the skimming is almost done, and I must return to Smith’s second season. Suffer through his second season. And hope that his third will be decent.

So I hate Ten and Eleven is becoming unlikable. This is why I am so excited for the next Doctor. I have high hopes for this next one. I'm hoping for a non-white man, but let's be realistic. According to a BBC Spokesperson from about a month back, "casting on Doctor Who is color-blind" and "it is always about the best actors for the roles." Which really means "We're actually racist and don't want a non-white person playing The Doctor, but we can't say that out loud so we'll feed you a recycled lie instead." I can't stand it when people go so hard when trying to defend their super white casting in movies and TV shows. How stupid do you think we are?

Well that pretty much sums up my feelings on New Who and why I'm looking forward to this next regeneration. Time to get caught up and meet this Clara person. Who's your favourite Doctor?

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