I'm not actually going to talk about laundry. I'm just waiting for it to finish. I'm back in Seoul now. Been busier than I thought I'd be. 

Wednesday July 17th, 2013

Wednesday night I didn't sleep cause I figured drinking was more important than sleeping through my last night in Gwangju. Love confessions, talking to strangers and trying to make people realise that I'm a real person. FYI, you're not a real person if you don't fit societies gender roles. ಠ_ಠ

Thursday July 18th, 2013
The goodbyes were the worst. Saying goodbye in Korea is a very over exaggerated and dragged out process, so it's a lot more painful then it needs to be. But no time for too many tears. Hopped on a bus to Busan next. I was half asleep for a lot of the ride, but when I managed to open my eyes and look out the window I saw some pretty awesome scenery. Korea is an insanely beautiful country. Every day I fall deeper in love.

Busan was awesome and stressful. haha But mostly awesome. I met some of the nicest people I've met to date in this country. Enjoyed noraebang (karaoke) for the first time in my life, and I wasn't even drunk. Ate some pigs' skin and got naked in front of strangers (public bath).

Saturday July 20th, 2013

Next stop Seoul. After a stressful night worrying that we couldn't get tickets back to Seoul, all was finally sorted out. This bus took five hours to get to Seoul!! Whoever said that Korea is a small country is a liar. I messaged a friend I met a few months back, and he invited me to a party at his studio for that night. haha What was I thinking? I was so tired.

Arrived in Seoul. Bit of confusion around the bus terminals for a while, but a couple or super nice people went out of their way to help us out. Parted ways and looking for hostels… Tired + Bad directions + Insanely heavy luggage = Me lost in Seoul. Yes I was crying in the streets. I wouldn't have been lost as long as I was (almost an hour) but I had to keep stopping cause my luggage was too much. Finally found the place. Showered and went on my way to find my friends place. A man helped me at the subway station. He was nice, but I got some creeper vibes. I could have taken him down easily so I wasn't too worried. But I got lost again and my friends had to rescue me. haha I was so useless that day. Almost died in the taxi on my way back, but finally made it to the hostel.

Sunday July 21st, 2013

My ass was in bed until 4pm. Nothing like catching up on sleep. Went to Hongdae to meet a friend I met in Gwangju. Ate dinner, got embarrassed by some foreigners, and went to The Ronin. Love that café, and buddy who runs it is so cute.

Monday July 22nd, 2013

Time to say some more goodbyes. Met some friends who I met in Gwangju for breakfast. I have officially given up on sandwiches in Korea. Chilled in Dongdaemun area, but the river thingy was closed. Went to Myeongdong and walked around a bit. Had some ATM drama. Went to Hoegi area with a friend. Showed her around Kyung Hee. Talked to the man who runs the waffle stand by my school a.k.a one of the many men I've fallen in love with in Korea. Went to Hongdae again. Went to The Ronin again. Walked home from the subway in the rain.

Tuesday July 23rd, 2013

Woke up late. Apparently the UK has banned porn. I don't get why. Protecting the children is a shit reason. I discovered porn at 9 and I'm doing just fine. So really, what's your reason? Still waiting on my laundry. Got a new roommate. My face is feeling pretty bad after using that ginseng mask last night. What a shame cause I like ginseng. Feeling super stressed about all the pictures I've taken in Korea. What am I really going to do with all of this?

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