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The more people you meet the more complicated life gets. And the more complicated facebook gets. I'm not a fan of fb, but I keep it to keep in touch with people who I know it will be hard to contact otherwise. That's the main thing for me. Family I don't need to have on my list cause I'll see them eventually right? Although I still do have family on there. Just an example. But this is not the same use of fb that other people have. Some are so quick to add you. Some people want to use it as a way to keep track of everyone they've ever met in their life. After one day of meeting someone they rush to add to their list. So quick to let a stranger know about your personal life? Why? Like this one I don't understand. 

So what now? Should I accept, or lie and say I don't have fb? When I accept these requests from people I barely know, they don't really know what they're getting themselves into. I am very opinionated. And while I am in Korea, I've been quick to bite my tongue in person until I really know you. All the possible controversial stuff is saved for online. haha I do have some decency ok. But you meet me once and add me, then all of a sudden I'm putting things online that maybe you'd rather not see or hear and then are angry with me. Like really, you have no idea how much I have been biting my tongue recently. It's not fun this one.

If I lie and then possibly get closer to you in future and having you as a fb friend seems logical, sorry, just watched Star Trek again, then what do I say? Kind of awkward isn't it? "Oh sorry I didn't add you earlier. There was a chance that I'd hate you and not want you as a friend online." haha Ok extreme one. I don't hate anyone I have as fb friend. And I don't see it coming to that. But also, someone try to add you and you don't accept but you gotta see them in class the next day. haha Max awkward.

I hate this idea that I have to tiptoe around my own fb account. Shutting up is not an option. If I can't speak my mind on fb then who's fb is it? If you don't know someone well enough to get their jokes or sarcasm, maybe hold off on pushing the request button. If you don't know how many siblings someone has or if they have any pets, just wait a bit. Facebook isn't a place where you should be getting to know people. That shit should be done in person.

I have made three friend requests in just over a week and one of them maybe a little premature, so I gotta keep this in mind too. Practise what you preach right? It really is the worst when all of a sudden you get something really shocking and/or offensive show up on your timeline and you wonder, "Who the hell would dare post such a thing!?!" haha It most likely will be the one you just added without actually knowing them.

So delete me if you must. Even if you've had me on fb for a long time. If what I say constantly offends or bothers you, delete me. You will feel a lot better without me on your list. Deleting people from fb is liberating. I'd rather you delete me and feel better than keep me on and constantly cursing me. haha Facebook is not meant to be a place you dread going to. 

Don't know how to end this one. I feel maybe this post will be taken wrong way by some. All I can do is try right? 

Here's a picture I took at Suncheon Bay Garden Expo last Wednesday...

...more to come

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