Angry Passengers

Met up with some friends today and I had very entertaining train ride home. But first, a little bit of information about Korean subway cars. On the ends of each car, there are six seats reserved for the elderly, disabled and pregnant people. The first time I rode the subway here, my friend let me know that nobody else sits in these seats. The train could be packed, but people still are not going to sit there. This has been true for the most part. Sometimes though, an older person travelling with their grandchild will sit in those seats with the child. And this is what happened today…

An older lady was sitting in these seats with her grandson. No big deal right? Well maybe... The first thing I noticed when I entered the train was that this kid was sprawled out over two seats. Apparently I wasn't the only one to take notice. A few stops later, an older man got up (he was sitting across from them) and started yelling at the woman. I guess my Korean isn't that bad cause I understood a solid 70% of what he was saying. He kept going on that the boy shouldn't be there in the first place, and that he shouldn't be taking up two seats. What if someone came on the train and needed to sit there and blah blah blah. The lady was just as aggressive towards him so it was pretty funny. The man got off at the next stop and the boy sat up. haha I've always been paranoid about seating in those seats just in case, and now I'm glad I never dared to.

But that's not where the story ends. At that same stop an even older man came on the train and ended up sitting beside the boy. Standing in front of the doors was a young couple and all of a sudden this man started yelling at them. At first he said something like "Is this your boyfriend?" I couldn't understand most of what he said after that, but he was super pissed about something. I think he even started to yell at the guy too. Even after they moved away from him, he kept going on. Then I began to understand him. He was upset that the girl's skirt was short. haha So upset that he had to make sure she knew. By this time people on the train are just laughing. Who really gets on a train and starts yelling at people about their clothes?

In Korea, women rarely show shoulders/a lot of arm but their shorts and skirts can be as short as they want. Sometimes I see ass. *shudders* So I could see why some people would be upset. But you don't yell at strangers about their clothes.

I think I'll ride the subway more often.

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