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I really don't like mobile blogging cause I miss the comfort of my proper keyboard. But I don't know what kind of shit connection, if any, I'll have when I get back to my place. Right now I'm staying at my friend's (지혜 / JiHye) family's house. It's just outside of Seoul and I can get here by same Seoul subway system. Not bad.

I've been having lots of fun. I was really worried that August would be really boring, but that hasn't been the case. I think I can keep myself entertained for the next few weeks. There are plenty of people around who I know. Plus I have a lot do in terms of sending things to Canada and applying for OSAP. Can someone else please do that one for me?

I really enjoyed my homestay. I still can't believe how hospitable Koreans are. Everyone makes me feel so welcome.

The weather has been awful though. I'm pretty sure I want to live in Korea for good, but I really cannot handle this weather. Sweating in places I didn't know I could. And I can't stand having to shower more than once a day. I almost never have a good reason to shower daily back in Canada. But not the case here. Even after shower, I feel like I need to shower again within the hour. This I cannot stand. I want to feel clean for longer than an hour. haha Is this too much to ask?

Been reading about all the baby drama Audrey (fourfeetnine.com) has been going through and I feel so bad for her. I'll never understand why anyone would want to be pregnant, but obviously if you do it, you'd expect/hope things would go more smoothly than what she and her family has been dealing with. I can't imagine the stress she's going through. All I can do is send positive energy her way and hope for the best.

Ok that's all for now. Blogging from mobile is more annoying than I remember.

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