Happy 100!!!

But not really…

Over the past week or so, I have put this pressure on myself to have some kind of epic 100th post. As a result of this pressure, I haven't posted at all. Well sort of. I've been posting on my photoblog a bit more, and I started blogging for Students Gone Global

I haven't really done much lately. I most recently put myself in confinement because my uterus is shedding and for some reason I haven't been able to control my body temperature, eat or sleep, I've been rude to people and I've been in a lot of pain. So I've just been laying in bed for the better part of four days. And now my body is feeling even worse from lack of moving.

I'm not going to make this post any special cause my life hasn't been that special, and because I made a big deal of my one year anniversary of blogging. August is almost done and I have so much business to take care of. I've been avoiding a lot of it because of the damn weather. I know I said I want to live in Korea forever, but this heat I really cannot handle. 32+ degrees for the rest of the week. So I've been looking into England. haha But apparently there's been a lot of issues with immigration recently. The "go home" buses being one of the recent ones. I don't know where to go!! haha Somebody help me out here. As soon as I graduate university, I want to be on a plane, but a destination is needed.

For the 50th time in my life, I've decided to get healthy again. Which obviously doesn't include these past four days for obvious reasons. But I've downloaded all the apps and I follow a bunch of good channels on youtube. There are no more fatty snacks in my room. Lots of fruits and veggies and various proteins. Also a lot of bananas. Remember when I had a problems with the bananas in Korea cause they sold them in huge bunches that couldn't be separated? Well a few months back, I think it was Daphne who told me that you can sometimes. You just gotta take it to the person working in the produce section and they'd weigh it for you. But I don't think you can do this if a bunch already has a price tag.


The only problem I might have with this get healthy thing is with the exercising. My room is incredibly small so there's absolutely no room to do anything indoors. Which is unfortunate because I brought my workout DVDs with me. That's my favourite way to exercise. So I'm kind of just stuck with walking. And maybe when the weather cools down a bit I'll start running. Haven't done that since high school. Need to find a strong tensor band for that one though. I've also been told about a good yoga studio nearby me. Yoga isn't my favourite, but it’s something to look into.

I'd end off with some random pictures from my phone cause I have nothing else to say at the moment. As always, thank you for reading!!

Why I have to come all the way to Korea to see these? Do they even exist in Canada?They're also off my food list for awhile, but they taste very good.

Can someone please tell me what this is?

Starting to get used to taking pictures without glasses.

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