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In my last post I mentioned that I started blogging for Students Gone Global. Here's a bit of my most recent post...

So I've had a rough week and I've been in bed for the better part of four five days. Remember earlier in the year when North Korea was being annoying the and world was freaking out cause apparently World War III was going to break out? Yeah, that was fun. But really, I wasn't worried because when North Korea attacks, they don't warn the South. They just do it. So for future reference, if they're making noise, there’s a good chance nothing's going to happen.

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Tumblr was down for a good while today and I honestly felt lost without it. But I did manage to get a post out so I guess it was a good thing. I'm still not feeling 100% and I'm scared to step outside because of the heat. But I have things to do and I'm determined to get them out of the way before school starts.

I'm actually really excited to be starting school again. Not because I'm bored, but because I finally get to experience Korean academic life. Last semester I was in the Korean language program. So no Koreans in my class and a completely different set of rules. It really is a separate system. But now I get to experience the real thing and I'm excited. I'm also excited for a more relaxed schedule. Last semester I had class five days a week, four hours a day. This time around, I'll only be in classes for half the amount of time and I get to sleep in most days. Fridays no class at all!! It really is a beautiful schedule. But I'm also going to take Korean classes outside of KyungHee. I really can't see the point in continuing to live here but giving up the language. That'll be on four days a week and I still have Fridays completely free.

I also gotta figure out where I can fit in a weekend trip to Gwangju. I miss that place so much. It'll be weird going back and not being able to see all the same faces. But It'll be worth it. I also really like long bus rides. So I'm taking advantage of this opportunity. 

And now, a picture of food that I can't eat cause of ice cream. But it looks damn good...

This was a sad day. haha

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