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So I don't think I've ever talked about this on here, but I don't really have a minor in my school program. For some strange reason, MUN makes it mandatory for all Arts students to have either a double major or a major and a minor. Can't graduate without this. I thought this was a terrible idea, but also assumed that this was a normal thing in universities all over. Apparently not. But that doesn't matter cause this is the school I go to and these are their rules.

When I first applied to MUN, I decided to do a major in Linguistics and a minor in Aboriginal studies. I love languages and I love learning about the different the people who were living on this land before the Europeans barged in and how they get on today. Even though I knew my plan, I still went through my first year with "undeclared" in the spot where my major should be. In my first semester I took the basic Linguistics course and loved it. I also took a course on Japanese religions, and loved that one too, as well as the professor. I was now considering a Religious studies minor but didn't want to give up Aboriginal studies. Then came second semester and I took two foundation courses that are required for the major and I hated it. Eventually dropped both of them. The Linguistics program at MUN is too focused on science and not much attention paid to etymology and historical linguistics. That's the stuff I wanted to study. When I came into my second year, I decided on a Religious studies major and an Aboriginal studies minor.

All was well. I took two more courses in my major and I still loved the program. But one of the mandatory courses for my minor was taken off the course offerings list before the semester started and I was left without doing any courses towards that. Then my exchange was coming up and I obviously couldn’t do any courses towards it in Korea. And I realise that my program is heavily reliant on other faculties to offer related courses since it's an interdisciplinary minor, but the other faculties don't seem to have this high on their priority list. I wasn't going to change my paper work though cause I still had my heart set on this program. All the while I'm going through all this in my head, I'm taking a Philosophy course. I found it highly entertaining and I got a decent mark on my papers, although one of them did drive me to drink. It was still a cool course and I was considering doing my minor here cause it is actually possible to achieve and I could do courses towards it in Korea.

Fast forward to my second semester in Korea. I'm sitting in my Logic course and hating life. I'm also reconsidering doing my minor in Philosophy. Chonnam National University has a great Philosophy program, as does Dongguk University. And then there's MUN. I found it to be a little too white European for my liking and didn't see how I'd benefit from it at all. So where does that leave me? In a panic, that's where. Then it came time to looking at course offerings for this current semester, while I was still abroad. I literally went through every departments' courses and looked for the most interesting things. There wasn't much. Turns out I'm extremely picky with this, as you should be too. 

We're paying big money to go to university. Everyone in uni should love what they're doing, otherwise you're wasting your time and money. So go on and be picky!

So I'm getting frustrated looking through what my school has. "Why don't they offer this as a minor?! Why is that only a diploma?! Why is this only offered at the other campus?! Why aren't there more slots for this class?!" ಠ_ಠ Whatever. I pick my courses and move on. I'm taking three towards my major to catch up, and two courses that go towards my core requirements. One in History and one in Sociology which I didn't want to take but actually love it and my prof. She's actually a very inspiring teacher and I love the passion she brings to the topics. Actually, I love my History prof too. I could write a whole post about her. I aspire to be her when I grow up. Anywho, my problem wasn't solved but I'm taking courses that I want to take. I can figure out about the minor during intersession or fall semester.

But I figured it out today!! If you're having trouble trying to figure out your program, GO SEE YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISOR!!! They will help you loads. My advisor was super patient with my picky self. We went through what credits I have, what else I need for core requirements and how many more courses I need to graduate. The easy stuff. Then we get to the minor issue. (interesting sentence) Sociology. No, I don't like the generalisations. History. No, not enough focus on the parts of the world I care about. Philosophy. No, too European. Music and Culture. WHAT?!?! What is this? This is a program? I can take this program? Stop everything!

Basically, I'm a dumb-ass. I have always assumed that all the music programs at my school are audition only. I didn't realise that there's a MUSIC CULTURE PROGRAM!! Ok calm down with the fucking caps key. There's also a Music History program, but you really don't need to go any further. We looked through the courses in the program, and I was sold. I asked again to make sure I can take this. haha Too good to be true. There's only one class in the entire program that I don't care for. I can handle that. I'd probably end up liking it anyways. wtf So there it is. Not on paper yet, but I'm pretty much decided on this one. It really sucks that MUN can't hurry up and get this Aboriginal studies major on the go, which would obviously put the minor program in a better position. I can't wait for that to happen though, so music it is!

Major in Religious Studies and minor in Music and Culture!!

It even sounds cool. ^.^

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