Travel Woes

I was supposed to leave Korea at 5:00pm KST on Christmas Eve, but the weather was awful in Toronto. The days leading up to my departure I checked Air Canada's website to make sure everything was ok to leave. The bad weather had them putting on travel advisories for four or so days. The night before I was supposed to leave, I checked the statues of my flight and everything was a go. Next day, only hours before I was supposed to leave for the airport, I check again and Air Canada suggested that I change my flight if possible. So I'm here freaking out cause I don't even want to leave Korea, I'm not exactly done getting my shit together to leave and I wasn't sure I should go on ahead and change the flight or not. I'm usually good at getting my shit together and doing what needs to be done. Since 2011, I've been dealing with my own flights. Cancelling, rescheduling and waiting till the perfect day to get the right price. But I couldn't handle the stress this time. There was too much on my mind. So I talked to my dad on skype, and he was cool with me changing my flight. It was a relief. I'm not impressed with the storm and all the damage it made, but I am happy that I got that extra day in Korea. It was a little less painful, and I had time to do everything I needed to do.

I hate flying, but for some reason I was quite calm on my first flight. Listened to some music, which I'll have to post separate about, watched a couple of movies and ate some ok food. Landed at YVR, got my luggage, did the whole electronic customs system thingy, dropped off my luggage, went through security (had to take off my shoes this time) and waited to board the second plane. This one didn't go as well as the first. We had turbulence for the first half hour or so, and the kid beside me wouldn’t keep still or quiet. Then when we're almost at YYZ, pilot says that we have to circle around Waterloo or something cause of snow clearing. Pulling that out of my ass. I can't remember where it was. Finally we landed. Got my luggage and waited for my dad and sister to pick me up. Was the longest Christmas I've ever had.

Fast forward ten days. I'm ready to go on out to Newfoundland. Oh! But wait. They're having shitty weather too. I look at WestJet's site and they have travel advisories for the 2nd and 3rd. That's fine cause I'm not leaving till the 4th. But I keep checking anyways. I check in the morning before I’m supposed to go to the airport and it's still a go. Amy dad and I arrive at the airport at about 8am. Flight’s been delayed around 20 minutes. Go to the electronic check in and by the time we get to the front to drop off my bags, we're told that my flight's been delayed by another hour. That fast can change? We weren't even in there for 20 minutes and the flight got changed again. So we went to the Tims, and I ate some more breakfast, cause I didn't wake up early enough for some. wtf Then my dad was about to leave and I asked him not to. So he got some Tims and we sat there and talked for a while. Then comes to an hour before my flight is supposed to leave and I still have to go through security. But first I check my phone and see it says that my flight's been cancelled. Whut? This has never happened before. One of the first things I asked my dad about was my luggage. I thought for a moment that I would have to leave it at the airport for the night. But we found some people who work for WJ, and they let us know what number to call about a rescheduled flight and where to pick up my luggage. They also told us that the flight was cancelled because St. John's airport had no power. What kind of crazy weather were they having?

Second breakfast after airport
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and a shit load of onions plus toast and fried plantain 

So we get the luggage and go back home. I'm checking the weather for both cities for the next day. Both cities are expecting bad storms. wtf So my dad said that if the flight gets cancelled again, just move it till the next weekend. I'll talk about why that was a good idea in my next post. I didn't though. My flight was scheduled for the next morning. No one thought I'd get out, and I was hoping this flight would get cancelled too. I even asked WJ on twitter to cancel it for me. No such luck. We boarded, we de-iced and we flew. It was so weird to come back.

What came next is another story in itself. I'll post about that soon. Now that I'm here and no longer living out of my suitcases, I can hopefully get back into MUN life without too much difficulty.

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