PyeongChang 2018

I missed out one the recent games cause boycotting and such. Was more difficult than I thought it would be cause I really love watching them. But I'm glad the final hockey game wasn't as big a deal as it was in Vancouver. Or at least that's what I'm told. I did watch Yuna Kim's performance though cause someone posted it on fb. I'm not a fan of figure skating anymore, but she had me in tears wtf. I think she should have gotten gold for that alone. haha And I did skip to the part of the closing ceremony that had Korea showing their little presentation. I still remember when Italy, Canada and Russia did there little presentation at the end of the closing ceremonies of the country they were taking over from. But this one not so big. I did love it cause the performers were singing Arirang and I love that song so much. Then I cried to myself for a while because I really miss Korea. haha Big baby I am.

I didn't know where the next winter games were going to be
 until about two weeks ago, and I freaked out when I saw that it will be in Korea. When I finish my undergrad in two years, I'm gonna be hopping on a plane headed for Korea. Or a plane head for Vancouver and then another one headed for Korea. But whatever. I'll either be there teaching or working on my master's wtf. I AM GOING TO BE LIVING IN KOREA DURING THE GAMES!!! This is more exciting than the Vancouver games in a way. Obviously I won't have the same pride of "my country is hosting the games", mind you, my pride in this country has gone down dramatically since 2010. But this time around I’m going to have access to the games. Canada is stupid and the cost of plane tickets alone would make it impossible for a poor college student in Toronto to make it out to Vancouver, but Korea is small and super cheap. (By Canadian standards.) So not only will I be able to make it out to events, but they're going to be only an hour away, if I go straight into my master's. And at most, five hours by a bus that only cost me $30. So yeah, I'm excited. Also school doesn't start until March so I'd be able to spend more than just a weekend in PyeongChang. 

I probably shouldn't go straight into my master's though cause some events are gonna be really expensive. So better if I go straight into teaching. Either way, I'm going to be there and I am so pumped for it. I will also blog about the games as they are happening. Probably more frequently than I did for the London games. Hopefully I'll even have pictures that I took myself.

Check out this video that the PyeongChang 2018 team put up a little while ago. Loves it…

Wait. Will I still be blogging four years from now? haha

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