YG Fail?

2012 was an amazing year for YG Entertainment, and not just for PSY. New albums were released for BigBang, 2NE1 (Japanese) and Epik High, although the EH album wasn't the best, and world tours as well. They gained a whole lot of international attention, and it was looking like YG was going places.

Sadly 2013 wasn't too hot. There were a few moments where I thought something big was going to happen, but nothing came of them. "Ringa Linga" by Taeyang is an amazing song and the dance video was perfect. But no album. Then "Doom Dada", another great song, this time from T.O.P. But again, no album. Way to get my hopes up. Also, I've been waiting for a new album from PSY since the fall. G-Dragon put out an album and it was ok, but I've never been crazy about most of his solo work. The GD&TOP album was the best I've ever heard from him. 

So we said goodbye to 2013 and finally we get a new album from  CL and the Supremes 2NE1, "Crush". Four years we've waited and what do we get? Not much. It isn't bad, but it certainly isn't good. And they randomly threw Scream in there, cause you know, that was such a memorable song.(︶︿︶)

I did like the "Come Back Home" music video though. I kept thinking Matrix and Cloud Atlas while I was watching it. 

I don't know what's going on with this label, but I'm kind of over the just okayness of what they keep putting out. Apparently Epik High is back in the studio, but I don't know how long that wait is going to be. The only things that I have to really look forward to is a BigBang and PSY comeback. I would love a Gummy comeback too, but I won't hold my breath waiting for that. If no one can get their act together at least I'll still have these memories. No way I'm going over to SM or JYP. But please YG, give me something good.

What do think about the new 2NE1 album?

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