Be Specific

I wasn't very specific in my last post about how I'm going to try to overcome my issues with reading. Just a lot of talking about the problem. I'll try to be more specific. 

Of the 16 books I want to read this year I want to read: 10 novels, four plays, and two graphic novels. I have put graphic novels and plays in there cause I know they will be easier for me to get through. After I thought about reading 16 books after years of struggling/failing to get through even one, I realised that 16 is a bit of a jump. S.M.A.R.T goals, right? Now this is looking more manageable. 

Since I'm on break from school right now, I always have an empty house during the day. Going to work on getting out of my vampire sleep mode and be up during the days so I can have a quiet place to read, and natural light coming in. The amount of days I go without seeing the sun...

To help me stop with the counting and grouping of words and letters, I'm going to read these books more like how I read textbooks. I don't read out loud, but I do read one word at a time and mouth them out. That really slows me down and maybe it is why I constantly have to stop and count. So I will run my finger under each line I'm reading and find a rhythm I'd more likely be able to keep going on with. If this doesn't work, I'd set up a fund so you guys can help me pay for audio books of every book I want to read. haha Thank you in advance. 

Good news!!

I have only been a member of goodreads for a few days now, but I have already won a book through one of their giveaways!! I'm so excited to receive this book. Hoping that it will be in by the time I finish reading the first HP book. I will write a review on goodreads and here when I finish reading the book. Look out for that.

Ok, so my goal looks more doable, and it's out there for all to see. Now I'd go get some sleep. Have a happy first week back at school!!!

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