But It's Urgent

Cannot be more annoyed than I am right now. In December I emailed all of my former schools in Korea requesting that my transcript be sent to a specific university in Canada. Two of the schools replied right away. One of those two sent it immediately and the other let me know that I'd have to pay a fee to get it, no problem. Last school does not reply, but I didn't panic cause I knew it was close to holiday break and I could afford to wait until January. 

I waited until earlier this month and still no reply, so I sent another message. I get a response saying that they emailed me a pdf version. -__- No you did not. And on top of that, I did not ask for pdf copy!! The other two schools understood my request and contacted me to let me know what's up. Where is your professionalism? So I tell them again where I need it sent and included the address again. No response. Send an email again asking them to let me know when they send it so I can have confirmation that it was sent. No response.

Finally, just over a week until deadline, I get an email telling me that their office does not issue the transcripts and I must contact another office. Also, I must apply for it!! WTF!! Could not have told me this in the first place? If the person I was first talking to didn't know what they were doing, they should have asked as soon as they got that first email back in December. 

So now I have sent an email to this next office requesting my transcript and told them it is urgent. I have to wait until middle of the night for response because of time difference. Here's to hoping that I'm done dealing with people who don't know what they're doing, and hopefully they'd send my transcript on time. 

I may be terrible with replying to texts and fb messages, but I'd always respond to an email. Especially emails that can affect someones' future!!! Ok, now I can calm down and just wait for reply. Worst scenario, I don't get my transcript on time, but hopefully with all my email proof that I've been trying, this other university would be understanding. 

I need a nap.

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