Nahko and Medicine for the People

I have about a dozen posts waiting to be published, but I've been so picky with what I post and can never be satisfied with what I've got. So this is just going to be a quick post of what I've been listening to recently. (Actually wrote this back in January. wtf)

On January 3rd of this year I came across this gem...

I try not to get distracted by this man's beauty, but that's a very difficult one. This song is amazing and as soon as I finished listening I searched the internet to see who this guy is and where he's from. His name is Nahko Bear and he's part of a band that seems to have thirty members. haha No seriously, look at their videos, always different people. But I like it cause it keeps things fresh and everyone has something unique to bring to the group. They're called Medicine for the People, and you should check them out. I've listened to these guys everyday since first seeing this video. They also have their latest album on youtube and it's good, however I much prefer their performance videos and jam sessions. Thankfully there are a lot of them. Going back to 2008 I think, so you'd never get bored with them.

Here's my favourite...

It's not often someone can outshine Nahko it seems, but Hope Medford kills it on the caj√≥n. Teach me your ways. And the woman singing the backup has an awesome voice. 

Feel good music that makes me think. Their songs can quite easily calm me down. They're my new go to when something pisses me off, which is often. North American society will do that to a person. I honestly think there's something here for everyone. Even if not the music you like, their lyrics are something to pay attention to. 

I usually don't like live music, but I'm really upset that there are currently no tour dates for Canada in 2015. This is the one band/group of awesome musicians that I really want to see in concert. Someone help me get them here. 

Nahko, Dustin, & Justin

Check out their website here and their youtube channel here. Also do a general search on youtube, cause there's so much more that's not on their official channel. 

Don't forget to take your medicine. 

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