White Rachel

***This post is so outdated, but i wanted to still post this cause there are some good videos here that i can easily direct people too when they have something stupid to say about white people forcing there way into black spaces.***

This has gone beyond a privileged white woman lying about her identity. This whole thing has become damaging to black women, trans people, mixed people, and people with mental health issues. But it's the people who don't fall into any of these categories who are speaking the loudest, and usually in support for Rachel. 

When the story first broke out, i couldn't stop laughing. The whole thing was just so ridiculous to me. It never occurred to me that people would actually take her seriously. But then shit got real the next day. The most ridiculous comparisons were being made to what Rachel has done. I couldn't understand why anyone was standing behind her. No, Rachel is not black, and no, she never will be. It's not up for debate. And yet here i am days later, still talking about it. 

I've had a really difficult time putting my thoughts into words, so i put together a list of videos and posts that i think explain the whole situation with a lot more clarity than i than i am able to relay. I think it's important to notice who these people are. I know that people in majority groups have something to say about Rachel, but please know that this isn't the time for you to speak. It's time for you to listen. 

I am biracial. Yes, the very white-looking person you see in the picture above has a black mother and a white father. They are my biological parents, and there’s a zero percent chance of them coming forward and saying that I’m lying about it, unlike the parents of NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal, who, as you might have heard, has allegedly been pretending to be black for years. 
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Hey hey, just wanted to make something clear:

Social media has been sorta hard for me to deal with for the past few days. This issue of Rachel Dolezal is very personal to me as a black woman and as a trans woman. These are two groups of people that I embody that have a history of dehumanization and sexual violence because of that dehumanization. So I feel really personally invested in these conversations and honestly it's sorta been eating me up. I've checked out of most of the discourse around this issue, but I wanted to make this post to clarify a few things.
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