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It's late and i shouldn't be on here, but i just transferred my latest history notes from one notebook to another, and i think i deserve a break. Also my neck is in serious pain, and i'm gonna assume it's cause i've been working so hard. ಥ◡ಥ 

Speaking of working hard, i honestly haven't been doing much of that lately. I get so overwhelmed by all the work i have to do that i don't get any of it done. It's times like these that i wish i could drop out. University is too fast for me sometimes. I should take an even smaller course load, but i don't want to be here for another five years. I want to be done.

I've been having sudden bursts of things that i want to write on here and for my assignments, but i never write them down at the moment. And that's why i'm sitting here past one in the morning struggling to get my work done. 

I have two quizzes to do in about 12 hours and i don't think i'm ready. I want to do well. I need to study more. The stuff i'm learning in Korean class at the moment are not even difficult; i just need to put in the time. I think once Wednesday comes i'd be able to breathe and get my shit together. 

When it comes to this blog, i don't know where i want it to go. Should i keep on writing personal shit that most no one cares about or should i go back to reacting to the world and talking about superficial shit that really doesn't matter?

Youtube is always recommending me videos of the most irrelevant and annoying white people on the internet and i don't know why. Like i'm sitting here watching almost exclusively Black and Korean content, and then they suggest i watch an Adele video. Why? What can she do for me? Have i ever showed an interest in her in the past three years? Get it together Youtube/Google.

I watched Peppermint Candy for my Korean film class and that movie made me so mad. Like why am i sitting here watching this abusive asshole for two hours? I'm so conflicted about how i feel about it though cause it's clear that Buddy was suffering, but at the same time does being upset at life really make you cheat on your wife? -__- Or are you just a shitty person? I suppose i should save my thoughts on the movie for my actual assignment. 

Okay this is getting too long. I need to put what little energy i have left into studying. Good night.

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