Dear Kids Who Didn't Get Free Candy Last Night,

I am so sorry that you weren't allowed to dress up last night and run around the neighbourhood with your friends asking people for candy. I am so sorry that your parents don't let you participate in this day of dress-up and fattening-up because they belong to a religion that you may or may not follow when you're older.

One day you'll be free to think for yourself and get all the candy that your heart desires. One day you'll be free to dress up as your favourite superhero or TV character. And to be honest, the parties will be a lot more fun than they are now, cause you'll also be able to drink.

I feel your pain. I'm still mad that I was always stuck in the house, looking out the window, watching all the other kids having a grand old time collecting enough candy to last them until Christmas. Another day that you might not care for when you're older.

Stay strong, my child. You'll have your moment. But until then, remember to tell your parents that candy is on sale today. :)

Evelyn sums up my feelings really good...

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